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Istanbul – “There God, man, nature and art have together created and placed the most marvelous view that the human eye can contemplate on earth.”

French poet Lamartine’s words are a fitting tribute to this unique city, rising from the sparkling waters of the Bosphorus into a striking skyline of domes and minarets, bridging the continents of Europe and Asia and linking the Black Sea to the Mediterranean through the Sea of Marmara. Below you will discover some of the gems of this glorious city that endlessly enchant its visitors.

Istanbul is situated on the north western part of Turkey and is the largest city of the country. Even though the capital is Ankara, Istanbul is the centre of economy, culture, history and also politics.

Brief History of Istanbul

The history of Constantinople goes back to 657 BC. King Byzas of Megara (Greece) was looking for a new and fruitful land for a colony. He goes to the oracle of the Apollon Temple in Delphi, asking for wisdom. The oracle suggested that he should find the “land across the land of the blinds.”

When he arrives in the peninsula where later he will build his city, he spotted another settlement on the Asian side thinking: “These people must be blind! How could you settle there when you have this beautiful peninsula!?” He realizes that this is the right place for his colony as it was in fact across the land of the blinds. This is the story of how Byzantium was found.

Until the 330 AD, Byzantium was an unimportant little town. In the 3rd century when Constantinebecame the emperor of Rome he decided to move the capital to a new and safer area. He realized that Byzantium as a peninsula would be a perfect place for his new capital where he calls it Nova Roma (New Rome) Later the city will be called Constantinople.

Constantinople remained the capital of the empire until it’s destruction by the Ottomans in 1453. After the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul), the city became the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Although the capital was moved to Ankara after the foundation of Turkish Republic Istanbul is still the most important city of our country. It is one of the largest cities on earth and because its unique location of covering both European and Asian coasts of the Bosphorus it is one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world.

Below you may find information about the most visited sites of Istanbul:

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