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Izmir Jewish Tours – The presence of the Jewish community in Izmir goes back to 4th century BC. After the conquest of Jerusalem, Alexander the Great brought some Jews to Izmir. According to the biblical scripts, at the time of St. Paul, there were Jewish communities in Izmir. The Jewish communities in the region were not respected during the Byzantine era.

There is no record of the Jewish community in the region when the city was conquered by the Ottomans in 1424. The earliest records that lighten the first Jewish communities during the Ottoman rule reach the 17th century when the Sephardic Jews started to settle in the Izmir, as it became an important trade center of its time.

It is known that in the 19th century the population of the Jews in Izmir was around 20,000. In the 1950’s, the Jews in the area started the immigrate to the new founded Israel. Today there is about 2000 Jews living in Izmir.

As the city has its own port and located very close to Kusadasi Port we are available to arrange private tours in Izmir. Our private Jewish tours in Izmir cover several synagogues, old Jewish neighborhoods, the house of Shabatai Tzvi (rabbi who lived in the 16th century and claimed to be the Messiah) and the ancient city of Sardes (Sardis) that has 1700 years old synagogue ruins (depending on the arrival and departure time of our guests)

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