Exploring the Rich Jewish Heritage of Turkey

We specialize in private Jewish heritage tours in Turkey, focusing on Istanbul and Izmir, the cities with significant Jewish populations. Our customized tours in Istanbul and Izmir are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our guests.

Our expert lecturer-tour guides specialize in Jewish history in Turkey, offering in-depth insights into both historical and contemporary Jewish life. Istanbul and Izmir boast a rich Jewish heritage, featuring a blend of ancient and modern synagogues. Turkey’s Jewish history is long-standing and deeply rooted.

A Glimpse into the Jewish History in Turkey

It’s estimated that the first Jews settled in Anatolia around the 6th century B.C., making Turkey’s Jewish community one of the world’s oldest. Biblical references, such as in Isaiah (66:19) and Joel (3:4-6), along with Obadiah (1:20), allude to the Jewish presence in Anatolia, specifically a place called Sepharad.

During the 3rd century B.C., Antiochus relocated 2,000 Jews to Phrygia and Lydia in western Anatolia, where they established the first synagogues in Asia Minor. The Jewish presence during this era is further evidenced by Cicero’s account of confiscated Jewish funds in Bergama (Pergamon) meant for the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

St. Paul, born in Tarsus, was initially a prominent Jew before becoming an apostle of Jesus Christ. His missionary journeys often targeted Anatolian regions with significant Jewish communities.

In the early centuries A.D., Jewish communities existed in Hierapolis (Pamukkale) and Cappadocia (Kapadokya) in central Anatolia. Under Byzantine rule, most Jewish communities were in western Anatolia and Constantinople (now Istanbul). Despite facing legal protections and hardships, including during the Crusades when Jewish districts in Constantinople were attacked, the Jewish community viewed Mehmet II’s conquest of Constantinople in 1453 as liberating.

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Jewish Communities Under Turkish Rule

Subsequently, Ottoman Empire became a refuge for Jews fleeing persecution and expulsion from various European regions, including Hungary, France, Spain, Sicily, Salonika, and Bavaria. The Ottoman Empire actively welcomed Jewish immigrants, especially following the Spanish Inquisition, with many Spanish and Portuguese Jews finding sanctuary in Turkey. These Jews leveraged their international connections and linguistic skills to enhance the Ottoman Empire’s foreign trade.

Under Ottoman rule, Jewish communities thrived, with many Jews assuming significant roles. Istanbul became a hub for notable rabbis, scholars, and Hebrew printing. However, the Jewish community in Istanbul started declining in the 17th century, mirroring the country’s waning international influence. The 19th century saw improvements in Jewish conditions, but economic challenges led many to emigrate, predominantly to the Americas.

Modern Turkey, established as a secular, democratic republic post-World War I, has a Jewish community of about 13,000 Turkish citizens today. The 500th anniversary of the first Sephardim’s arrival was celebrated in 1992. The state recognizes the Jewish community through its Chief Rabbinate.

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