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Embark on an extraordinary expedition with Timeless Trails, your dedicated portal to the uncharted splendors and mystical heritage of Central Turkey. Our custom-crafted tours are a gateway to a land where ancient myths breathe in harmony with rugged landscapes. From Ankara’s pulsating heart to Göbeklitepe’s prehistoric mysteries, every step is an odyssey through time and wonder.

Venture beyond the ordinary with Timeless Trails – a journey curated by passionate connoisseurs of Turkish culture and history. Our tailored escapades invite you to immerse in the soul of Central Turkey, handcrafted to reflect your individual interests. Whether it’s unraveling the enigmatic tales of Cappadocian caves, deciphering Hattuşaş’s ancient inscriptions, or basking in Harran’s timeless aura, our tours are a canvas for your exploratory spirit.

Embark with Timeless Trails on a voyage that transcends mere travel. Discover Central Turkey through a kaleidoscope of experiences, etching memories that resonate with the land’s enduring spirit.

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Your adventure into the heart of Turkey’s mysteries and legacies begins with Timeless Trails – a journey not just of distance, but of discovery and transformation.

Our private tours offer:

  • Unique Storylines: Craft your own epic through itineraries that are as unique as your own interests and desires.
  • Hidden Realms: Delve into secret wonders and local legends, far from the trodden path.
  • Cultural Odyssey: Engage deeply with the traditions, folklore, and culinary heritage that define Turkish life.
  • Sage Companionship: Navigate your journey with our erudite guides, guardians of the region’s untold stories and secrets.
  • Elegance in Travel: Indulge in a travel experience that epitomizes comfort and style, marking your journey with luxury and serenity.


The Hittite capital of Hattusas (now called Bogazkale) lies to the northeast of Ankara. The craggy hill of Hattusas was ringed by double walls and its gates were guarded by lion statues. Close to Hattusas is the Hittite open-air sanctuary of Yazilikaya, and also nearby is the Hittite city of Alacahoyük, with its double sphinx, still extant, guarding the city entrance. To the southwest of Ankara, near Polatli, is the site of the Phrygian capital of Gordion, where Alexander the Great cut the famous Gordion knot that gave him the key to Asia. Also at Gordion is the great earth tumulus of King Midas, famed in the legend of the Golden Touch.

Gathering the ancient civilizations of the land is Ankara’s Museum of Anatolian Civilizations with its unique collection of Hittite sun discs and stag cult figures, Hittite reliefs and Phrygian metalwork.

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The most interesting sites of the region include the rock churches of Göreme, the red-coned monastic complex of Zelve, the villages of Ortahisar and Uçhisar clustered around rock pinnacles, the canyon of lhlara and the underground cities of Özkonak, Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. Nearby is the village of Avanos with its beautiful old houses famous for its pottery and onyx. In the center of the region is the city of Nevsehir and the town of Ürgüp around which are most of the region’s best hotels.

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Harran, located in southeastern Turkey, is significant for its rich historical and cultural heritage. It was a major ancient city in Mesopotamia, renowned for its unique beehive-shaped houses and as a center of learning and astronomy in the Islamic world. Additionally, it holds biblical importance, mentioned as Abraham’s temporary home. Harran’s diverse historical influences make it a site of great archaeological and cultural interest.

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Göbeklitepe, in southeastern Turkey, is crucial for understanding early human history. Dating back to around 9600 BCE, it’s considered the world’s oldest known temple complex. This prehistoric site challenges previous notions about the origins of complex societies and religion, due to its advanced monumental structures predating settled agriculture. Its discovery has significantly altered archaeologists’ views on the rise of civilization.

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