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The heartland of the country, this region is of a rugged, often startling beauty. It has witnessed several great cultures of the past and its importance is no less today as the cultural and political center of modern Turkey.

Looking back over his country’s 10,000 year heritage, Ataturk said; “This nation is ready and resolved to advance un-halting and undaunted on the path of civilization.” Around Ankara, this path of civilization stretches back a long way: to the Hittites, a proud and warlike people who ruled an empire from the Black Sea to Palestine in the 2nd millennium BC, and the Phrygians, a Thracian people who dominated the Anatolian plateau in the 1st millennium BC.

Why Choose Our Private Tours of Ankara, Hattusas, Yazılıkaya, and Alacahöyük?

Personalized Experience: Each destination holds its unique charm, from Ankara’s vibrant cityscape to the ancient ruins of Hattusas, the intricate rock carvings of Yazılıkaya, and the archaeological wonders of Alacahöyük. Our tours are crafted to cater to your interests, whether you’re a history enthusiast, a cultural connoisseur, or an explorer at heart.

Expert Local Guides: Our guides are passionate and knowledgeable about each location. In Ankara, they reveal modern culture and ancient history; in Hattusas, they share myths of old; in Yazılıkaya, they explore Hittite rituals; and in Alacahöyük, they delve into archaeological treasures. They’ll provide the insider knowledge that only locals know, enriching your experience with hidden gems and fascinating stories.

Flexibility and Comfort: Our private tours offer the freedom to start at your preferred time and move at your pace, free from the constraints of a traditional group tour. Whether you want to linger at the Sphinx Gate of Alacahöyük, wander through the bustling streets of Ankara, or absorb the ancient atmospheres of Hattusas and Yazılıkaya, the choice is yours.

Unforgettable Memories: Each site promises a unique journey. From Ankara’s historic landmarks and bustling bazaars to the mysterious ruins of Hattusas, the divine rock carvings of Yazılıkaya, and the ancient richness of Alacahöyük, we ensure every moment is memorable. With us, you don’t just visit these places; you experience them in ways that resonate long after the trip is over.

On a hill overlooking the Turkish capital of Ankara is Atatürk’s Mausoleum – Anitkabir, a monument to the man without whom this land of dramatic physical contrasts would have been reduced to little more than a patch of steppeland. General Mustafa Kemal roused a people already exhausted by the Ottoman defeat in the First World War, drove the invading forces into the sea, and won back for the Turks their homeland. Given the name Atatürk, or “Father of the Turks”, Mustafa Kemal founded the modern democratic Republic of Turkey, based on western laws. It was Atatürk who made the strategically placed Ankara Turkey’s capital, and the city is a monument to his vision of a modern westernized state.

The Ankara Archaeological Museum, or Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum, a treasure trove of ancient artifacts, stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of Turkey’s history. Nestled in the heart of the capital, this museum showcases a stunning collection spanning several millennia, including Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman relics alongside its world-renowned Anatolian antiquities. The museum’s highlights include intricate Hittite reliefs, Phrygian metalwork, and classical statues that narrate the saga of civilizations that once thrived in this land. A visit to the Ankara Archaeological Museum offers not just a glimpse into the ancient world, but an immersive journey through the diverse cultures that have shaped modern Turkey.

The Hittite capital of Hattusas (now called Bogazkale) lies to the northeast of Ankara. The craggy hill of Hattusas was ringed by double walls and its gates were guarded by lion statues. Close to Hattusas is the Hittite open-air sanctuary of Yazilikaya, and also nearby is the Hittite city of Alacahoyuk, with its double sphinx, still extant, guarding the city entrance. To the southwest of Ankara, near Polatli, is the site of the Phrygian capital of Gordion, where Alexander the Great cut the famous Gordion knot that gave him the key to Asia. Also at Gordion is the great earth tumulus of King Midas, famed in the legend of the Golden Touch.

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