Brief History Of Istanbul


Istanbul’s history goes back to the 7th century BC, when a man named Byzas from Megara, a city-state in ancient Greece, was looking for a colony for his people. According to legends, he received advice from the oracle at the temple of Apollo in Delphi to settle in a land on the opposite side of the “land of the blind.” Byzas arrives in the area now known as Sultanahmet in Istanbul and is impressed by its beauty, but he spots an even more breathtaking scenery on the opposite side of the Bosphorus. Convinced that this is the land the oracle referred to, he founds Byzantium, which remains a small town for several centuries.


In 312 AD, Constantine becomes the emperor of the Roman Empire and sees the potential of Byzantium as a new capital. He finds the city to be suitable for his vision of a new capital, given its location and the possibility of building a wall around the city as a defense mechanism. In 330, he proclaims Byzantium as the new capital of the Roman Empire, calling it Nova Roma or New Rome. After his death, people renamed the city Constantinople, meaning the city of Constantine. The city served as the capital of the Roman Empire for 1123 years until the Ottomans conquered it in 1453 and made it the capital of the Ottoman Empire until 1923.


When Ataturk declared the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, the capital moved to Ankara. Istanbul, however, remained a critical economic, cultural, and political center in Turkey. Istanbul is a large city, spanning both Europe and Asia, and is home to over 15 million people. Its unique location on the Bosphorus makes it one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world.

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Private Tours of Istanbul

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