Sultanahmet: Where Should You Stay?

Sultanahmet in Istanbul is where the old city is. Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Underground Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Archaeological Museum, is located in Sultanahmet. It is quite attractive for tourists, and it is a beautiful area with a deep history and culture. Walking around the massive, breathtaking monuments is indeed something people want to experience.

However, when looking for an excellent place to stay where people could walk around and also experience everyday life, eat good food at local restaurants where local people would eat is also very important. A touristic visit is not merely a visit to touristic areas. When you want to experience a city, you want to experience the past and the presence. During the tours, you visit Sultanahmet and other old parts of Istanbul, but to find some time to experience the other fun face of Istanbul, staying in the new area is a key, and it doesn’t need to be in a remote area either.

Below you may see the reasons why you shouldn’t stay in Sultanahmet:

Sultanahmet = Touristic

Sultanahmet naturally is the most touristic area in Istanbul. Like every other touristic area around the world, it has its challenges as it has its charm. Being touristic would generally mean overpriced products/services and bad quality. The same is also valid for Istanbul.

Walking Around

Your visits are over, and you are back at the hotel. You would want to discover a bit more during the evening, so naturally, you walk around just to experience the night of Istanbul. It is challenging to do so without being chased and harassed by the vendors wishing to sell their products, services. Their intentions are good, but a relaxing walk around the area doesn’t always mean a relaxing walk in Sultanahmet. You need to consider the encounter with the people working for the local vendors around Sultanahmet.


Since everything in Sultanahmet is touristic, you should expect the restaurants to be touristic as well. As a local, we could claim that you could eat at a high-end restaurant at almost the same price. The quality of the food has an inverse ratio. Who would be the experts of excellent quality local Turkish food? It would be the locals. You would want to experience the food that is liked, enjoyed by the locals. To find those restaurants, you would need to be in an area where locals are, and it is not Sultanahmet. Well, then you would consider using taxis to go to the local restaurants. That is also incredibly challenging. Read below:

Taxi Drivers in Sultanahmet

Taxi drivers are usually terrific people, and most of them are very kind and friendly. However, when it comes to Sultanahmet, they are generally looking for a bargain. According to the law and regulations, taxis should turn on their meters and charge according to the meters. In Sultanahmet, the taxi drivers wouldn’t take you if they do not like the direction or distance. The other negative side of this is that they would ask for a special rate without turning on the meters. To summarize, finding a reliable taxi is not something you can get in Sultanahmet.

So, these are some of the aspects that we think are the reasons you shouldn’t stay in Sultanahmet. But this raises another question. Where should you stay? As a reliable travel agency, we would like to recommend areas and hotels that would increase your satisfaction and make your stay a very memorable one. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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